Swimming pools are the main attraction, especially during the summer days. Since summer is just around the corner, it is time to check our pools. Do your tiles still look as stunning as they were the first time it was installed? If not, then you need Perini Tiles.

    Perini tiles have been in this business for a long time now providing us with their amazing tiles collection. Creating a new look to every part of the house. One of their expertise is to revamp your swimming pool. They can make it classy, elegant, chic, modern, depending on your style. With Perini tiles, you can bring the best out of the colour for your swimming pool.

Here are the different swimming pool tiles that you can choose from.

  • Aquatic. This aquatic swimming pool glass tiles can make your pools look like the bold, beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This is available in 50mm X 50mm format which can be both luminescent and mottled blue and greens.
  • Batu. This is a natural quartzite stone which is perfect for swimming pools and other wet areas. This has natural zeolite which helps purify the water and keeps it looking fresh all the time. This is available in two formats and best for interior wall and floor surfaces in both residential and commercial spaces.
  • Bisazza Pools. If you are into glass mosaic swimming pool tile designs, Bisazza should be your option. This is the best choice and is the top grosser in production, design as well as application. It is simple yet elegant, perfect for an Australian pool design. This is best for outdoor pools.
  • Cabra. This is a stunning architectural range of porcelain tiles that can give your pool a beautiful solid color in different sizes that would be suitable for your floors, walls, and swimming pools. It can be used for both commercial and residential purposes on all interior wall and floor surfaces.
  • Opal. This unique porcelain tile has a distinct crazing finish. You can choose from square and mosaic format which is also available in different vibrant and earthy hues. For your swimming pool and other water features, make sure that you ask for the 104mm X 104mm size.
  • Panes. This is a range of porcelain tiles that will look beautiful on your floors, walls, and swimming pools. This tile design can be used for residential and commercial spaces.
  • Sea. if you are looking for environmentally glass tiles, this is the perfect choice for you. It is made of 100% recycled glass that is green in color. It can be used on walls, splashbacks, countertops, floors and swimming pools.
  • Sicis Natural. This tiles collection are stunning, Italian made glass mosaics that are available in different colors.

If you want to revamp and choose a different colour for your swimming pool, experience Perini with their top-of-the-line tiles collection. Here, you can choose your own color, style, and design. But because of the many choices, they also have the best designers who can help you along the way.

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