Reasons to Get Your Chimney Swept Regularly

The fireplace is an iconic symbol in most British houses. During the winters, thousands of homeowners around the United Kingdom light up their fireplaces and spend their evenings relaxing before the warmth offered by the fire. However, proper fireplace maintenance is necessary if you want to keep your fireplace running smoothly. If you take a look down the chimney from the top, you will notice soot on all sides of the thin opening. Soot deposits are generally caused due to the flames rising up from the burning wood. First of all, you should know that regular chimney sweeps are necessary if you want to keep the fire burning cleanly in your house. Here are some reasons as to why this maintenance is so important.


The main function of the chimney is to ensure that the smoke from the fire doesn’t spread throughout the house. When the fire is lit, the smoke rises directly up the chimney and out into the open air. However, if your chimney hasn’t been swept in a long while, it won’t perform as effectively. You should contact a professional company that offers chimney sweeps in West Wickham to keep your chimney performing efficiently.


With the passage of time, creosote deposits begin to appear on the sides of the chimney. This could prove to be a serious hazard, especially if you are a regular user of the fireplace. If the creosote layers begin to thicken, they could also pose a serious fire hazard. Creosote is flammable, and could easily burn up due to the fire underneath. It’s probably the last thing that you would want over a crackling fire. Furthermore, creosote deposits can also cause a hindrance in allowing carbon monoxide to escape freely from your place. Make sure you get your chimney swept before the winter comes in order to prevent potentially serious damage to your property.

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