Reasons Why Moving out Of London can be A Good Idea

Once upon a time the majority of people thought that living in London was one of the best things in which a person could do, and some people even still have this mentality today. However, although some people still believe this to be true, there is an abundance of people whom disagree. Not only this but also a lot of people that live in London have started to move out of the Capital for a number of reasons, some of which we are going to be listing today. Removals in London are now not only popular for people moving within London, but even more so for people moving out of London. Take a look why…

Reasons Why People are choosing to Move Out of London

  • Some people feel safer when they are not in London and feel more comfortable going about their business when they are alone
  • Dog lovers and walkers often move out of the city in order to find more greenery and walking routes, crowded parks can get a little tedious after a while
  • Although there are more people in London, many people find it easier to make friends in smaller places. This is because the majority of people in London are too busy to communicate with strangers and potential friends
  • People can get a lot more for their money when not in London when it comes to property. This means that people with small London flats can buy large family homes with gardens should they choose to move out of the capital
  • It is easier to find a local pub when not in London, and by this I mean comfortable pubs that are not overcrowded and unwelcoming
  • It can often be easier to bring children up outside of London as when not in the capital it is easier to find properties which are both affordable and within walking distances of good schools. London is notorious for being an arms race to get anywhere near a half-okay school
  • More restaurants outside of London than in London are child friendly offering children’s facilities and special offers
  • It is easier to get doctor’s appointment outside of London and waiting times are typically shorter, with people generally able to see their doctors at the time that they are told that they are going to be able to
  • There are many places outside of London which are close enough to commute within an hour, which means those that love the city but don’t want to live in it can still visit whenever they like and even work there

These are only some of the reason why people move out of London each week too! If you have moved away from London or are thinking of doing so, and can’t see your reason for doing so listed, don’t hesitate to comment and let us know what made you want to move.

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