Roofing Options for the Homeowner

We all understand the importance of a sound roof, and more often than not, there are roofing issues at some point. It might be a few broken or missing tiles, or perhaps blocked guttering, and if one isn’t careful, a minor issue can quickly develop into a major repair job. As with anything else, when faced with roof repairs, one should first examine all of the options, and if you happen to be in that position, here are some choices you might want to consider.


The term ”reroofing” refers to the removal of the existing roof surface, which is normally in the form of roof tiles, and by using the existing internal structure, the project is affordable. If the joists and rafters are in good condition, there is no need to replace them, and if you choose slate tiles, you will have a roof that will literally last for centuries. If you are looking for a slate roof in Sydney, there are traditional slate tilers online who can really transform your home by giving it both protection and style.


If you are going to replace the roof tiles, it makes sense to add a layer of high quality insulation, as this will help keep your home cool in the summer and will also retain heat in the colder months. Any reputable roofing contractor would recommend this, and would be able to carry out the work prior to the new roof being completed.

Roof Renovation

In the event a storm caused a large tree to fall onto a building, the roof would be seriously damaged. This would require clearing away all the debris and inspecting the state of the internal roof structure, and anything that has been damaged should be replaced. The extent of the damage would depend on the circumstances, but it is possible for an inexperienced person to miss something, and if the new tiles are put into place and there is still internal damage, there will be long term effects. If you are going to have the entire roof rebuilt, then slate would be the ideal tile material, as it is a permanent solution, not to mention the many other benefits.

Established Contractor

The success of the new roof installation rests firmly with the contractor, as roofing is a highly skilled trade and there are dubious outfits that are profit focused, so make sure you choose someone that has a good reputation in the area. If you happen to live in NSW, there are specialised companies that can give you slate roofing in Sydney, and once you have a slate roof, you can say goodbye to roofing issues. If you have roofing issues, the right contractor will be able to detail all the possible options and then you can make an informed decision.

The home is typically the biggest single investment a person will ever make, and the roof is an integral part of the structure that should be of the highest quality and suitable for the environment.

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