Scaffolding Alarms That Go Up As Fast As The Scaffolding!

Scaffolding Alarms

Did you know that you are required to notify your buildings and contents insurance provider if you have scaffolding erected around any part of your property, however short the duration may be? You may not be covered in the event of a claim if you fail to do so? The reason for this is that scaffolding adds an extra security risk to any property. Here’s what you can do to protect yourself and minimize that risk:

Install a Scaffolding Alarm

These days, scaffolding alarms are considered essential for any site where health and safety and security are important – so that’s every site! An effective scaffolding alarm will alert you if anybody enters the detection zone, and if the scaffolding is tampered with, allowing you to take immediate action to prevent theft or vandalism of your property. An alarm in view also acts as a visual deterrent to any would-be troublemaker, lowering the chances of opportunists causing damage. It’s quick and cost-effective to install a high-quality alarm system, and it could potentially save you money, hassle and heartache.

Scaffolding Alarms

Why is Scaffolding A Risk?

Scaffolding creates extra entry points to your property that would not otherwise exist. High windows suddenly become easily accessible with convenient ladders and platforms; potential intruders are alerted to the fact that your home may not yet have secure doors, windows and even walls by the sight of scaffolding signifying building work in progress, and that depending on the scale of the work, the property may be unoccupied. In short, scaffolding effectively makes a property an easy target for trespassers, thieves, vandals and anyone up to no good.

Is an Alarm A Legal Requirement?

You are not legally required to alarm your scaffolding, but it is highly recommended. In 2013, the National Security Inspectorate developed a Code of Practice, NCP115 relating to the installation and maintenance of scaffolding alarm systems. This forms a benchmark which allows insurers and other bodies to stipulate the standard which any alarm system must attain in order to comply with their terms.

Scaffolding Alarms by Compound Security Specialists

At Compound Security Specialists, the scaffolding alarms we use are among the most advanced and flexible systems available. We exceed the standards required by the NSI, and have NSI Gold standard alarm monitoring and 20 minute SIA response to activation. Our alarms for short and long-term use are battery powered, so if the power if disconnected or there is a power cut, your property is still protected. With quick and easy installation, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your scaffolding and property are safe within a matter of hours. If you’re undertaking building or construction work on your property, making renovations or carrying out maintenance that requires scaffolding, consider the implications on the security of your home, and ensure you take every step to minimize the risks by having an alarm fitted.

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