Should I Get Solid Wall Insulation

For any home owner who wants to help make the most of their day-to-day living quality, it pays to invest in insulation. Not only does insulation improve the quality of life that you get to enjoy by better managing your temperature, but it has a major impact on noise pollution and so much more. However, just like any other kind of home improvement, insulation comes in many forms. One of the forms you might have heard of, or considered investing in, is solid wall foundation.

So, what is solid wall foundation? Why should it be a home improvement option that you consider?

What is solid wall insulation?

Solid wall insulation is often provided for old-school homes. If you were to live in an older home, it was likely built with solid walls instead of cavity walls. Cavity walls are often a double-layered wall with a gap between the two layers. Solid walls, though, are not like this. As such, without that gap, they allow more heat to come through.

So, solid wall insulation is a form of insulation designed specifically for filling up a solid wall. This means that you might need to go through a different insulation process, but the benefits of doing this will be far more widespread than you might imagine.

By insulating them on the inside or outside, this helps to add a significant save per year to the energy bills of your home. It can help to reduce the cost of living whilst improving home quality, too. By making sure your house is hotter/colder depending on the time of year, you can enjoy a much better living standard that helps both minimize energy costs and reduces the need for temperature support such as fans and/or heating.

What solid wall insulation works best for me?

Many people choose to go down the internal insulation route as it’s simply cheaper to install and fit than external fitting. It will, though, reduce the flooring area of each room that it’s applied within, usually by around 100mm.

It can be done room by room, too, meaning that the disruption and chaos caused can be mitigated to some form. It does, though, need you to refit all of your skirting, door frames and otherwise selected external fittings like mounted TVs etc.

Exterior solutions are often better as they come without the reduction of floor space or the same level of disruption. It also makes sure that you get outer walls that look newer, fresher and more modern than the old walls you have at the moment. However, it can be more expensive and may need planning permission.

As ever, you should look to contact an expert in installing solid wall insulation. The benefits of having it installed can be well worth the time and investment, though, so consider its installation wisely.

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