Signs of Electrical Problems

Electrical problems in a home may not happen often, however, they can be rather dangerous when they do. Since electrical issues may start inside the walls, you may only see symptoms of the problem. Your lights may flicker, or there may be sparks. Lights may not turn on when you flip the switch, as well. Wires can come loose, break, or even be chewed by rodents.

Lack of Light

Perhaps you have replaced the light bulbs in your kitchen several times, yet all you can get is a sporadic flicker. A connection must be compromised somewhere for this to happen. It can be something in the light fixture or wires deep in the wall or ceiling. When a light stops responding to a switch, it is often safer to leave it in the off position. You may also need to turn off the breaker until you can get help.

  • Flickering lights
  • Lights don’t respond to switch
  • Sparks

Exposed Wires

Exposed wires are one of the electrical issues that can easily be seen. It is a good idea to refrain from touching the wires until you can get an electrician to come look at it. Wires are often exposed when people move and take items out of the home. Alarm systems and entertainment centres often take a lot of electrical wires that may have no use when the items are removed. Call emergency electricians in Weymouth for help.

Electrical issues can be dangerous when wires become exposed. Fires can be started, and people can get shocked. When there are issues, turn off the light or appliance, and call a professional.



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