Solid Fuel Heating is a Cost-effective Way to Stay Warm in Rural UK Areas

In the rural areas of the UK, solid fuel heating sources have proven to be cost-effective. Areas where mains fuel is not available find this type of heating alternative to be an ideal way to heat homes and create hot water supplies.

Coalification – How Coal Developed Over Time

Two types of solid fuels are used for heating: minerals, such as bituminous coal, and biomass fuel, such as wood. Coal itself is formed from a process known as coalification. As vegetation dies and falls into deposits of water, the absence of air stops any further degradation of the material. In turn, the vegetative residue builds up so it is several metres thick.

Over thousands of years, atmospheric changes, volcanic eruptions, severe winds, and ice development and thaws, lead to the erosion of mountains. This erosion, in turn, caused hundreds of metres of rock, shale, and sand to cover the aforementioned vegetation. Finally, extra pressure on the decayed plants changed the peat-like growth into coal – the product that Swadlincote coal fuel distributors provide for heating today.

Coal Composition Varies

When burning coal, deposits of ash are created, which require users to clean their appliance or fireplace before the next use. Ash comes from the original vegetation that was used to form the coal. Therefore, the residue level of ash varies throughout the world because of variances in coal composition.

Knowing this information is helpful in understanding how coal burns and is used for heating. If you are in a smoke control area, your choice of a coal product will be based on the coal’s composition. House coal products are used for both open fires and for appliances.

Indeed, coal has been used for a long time. This solid fuel is found in every region of the world – even Antarctica and the Arctic. However, the product was originally formed in subtropical and warm climates. Today, that kind of warmth is transferred to homes in the UK through the use of coal as a heat source.


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