Some Common Chimney Repairs

Your chimney can be damaged in several different ways. It can be damaged by something inside of your home or something outside of your roof. Depending on what it is that damaged your chimney, you will need different kinds of repair. There are external and internal repairs that need to be done. You need to find a good contractor that does roofing and property repair services. Chimney repairs typically fall into the category of roofing services but you need to make sure that your roofers do chimneys as well. Chimneys have some specialised elements that you will need to tend to.

Chimney Repairs

Typically, a chimney is made of an exterior brick facade that protrudes from the roof. That will then be capped with a screen or a guard. The screen or the guard is designed to keep rain from falling into your house, squirrels and birds from getting into the chimney, and insects from infesting your house. It is important that you have a good chimney guard. That will comprise the part of your chimney protruding from your roof. Inside of your chimney, there is usually the chimney liner.

Oftentimes, the chimney will be made of brick all the way down to the fireplace, but it might be lined with a liner. Old chimneys typically are not lined but the repair person might line them. The specialist at a company such as CJ Hughes Roofing & Property Services might recommend a liner because of creosote buildup.

Creosote and Soot

Creosote and soot are compounds that are produced by the incomplete combustion of wood. They build up on the inside of a chimney as the smoke rises out of the house. Typically, creosote and soot are acidic compounds. When they heat up, they can eat away at the mortar holding the bricks together. That can lead to the chimney becoming compromised. To avoid that happening, the repair specialist will likely re-mortar parts of the chimney that have degraded. Then, you might have a liner installed. A liner is a sleeve that goes inside the chimney; it is made of a material that does not easily degrade in the presence of creosote and soot. Therefore, it will resist damage as you use it over the years. You likely don’t need to have your liner reinstalled very often because it is specifically made to be non-reactive.

All of this work can be done by a roofing specialist but only one that also does chimney work. Only choose a roofer who says that they also do chimney work. They are the ones who will have the best connections to chimney material suppliers. You’ll save time and money that way. When a roofing company does chimney work, they usually buy their tools from the best possible suppliers who offer the best prices. They can then pass those savings and quality on to you. Furthermore, they will have a good rapport with their suppliers so you’ll know that you’re getting the best possible deal on liners, mortar, and much more.


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