Sourcing High-Quality, Affordable Turf for Your Lawn

For the garden of your home or business, and for whatever size or space, good-quality turf creates an attractive, practical lawn for you, your family, or you clients to enjoy. Whatever you need for your property, finding the right grass-turf will greatly enhance the appearance of your lawn.

Natural Turf

The most popular choice for residential lawns, private, and public gardens is natural turf. It’s important to find a supplier who provides affordable, freshly-cut turf that’s made to measure for your space. Before ordering, choose which variety will best suit you or your business:

  • Regular lawn turf
  • Arena-style
  • Wide-cut
  • Wildflower

Artificial Turf

For sports lots and golf courses, cost-effective, artificial turf can be found locally and installed on soil which isn’t suitable for fresh turf. There are several different types of sports and golf turfs which can be purchased by a reliable supplier:

  • Regular sports turf
  • Tee turf
  • Greenway
  • Fairway
  • Bunker side, lining, and revetting

Choose a Quality, Affordable, Supplier

If you’re looking for an affordable turf supplier in Lichfield, consider working with a family-run business that supplies excellent, inexpensive turf to both commercial and private customers. A company that grows its own turf often has the most cost-effective pricing since it doesn’t act as a middle-man for a bigger, more expensive supplier.

Family-owned businesses provide extra, personalised care to their customers, and they will help you find the best turf solution for you garden or sports pitch. Ask your supplier for a free, no obligations quote to make sure that you’re getting the best deal for high-quality turf.

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