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Let’s imagine that you inherited your grandmother’s 50-year-old house in all its faded chipping splendor. You’re tempted to turn it down but it’s paid for and you don’t want to hurt granny’s feelings. You have a momentary tinge of envy towards your best friend who just purchased a brand new house in a new subdivision but you’re committed to bringing this house out of the dark ages and making it your own.

Old Houses Old Problems

Old houses reflect yesterday’s trends, values, and problems. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed especially if the house hasn’t been well maintained, but an old house represents new challenges and endless possibilities. These days there are so many things that you can do to take an old home from drab to delightful. Even if you are working with limited funds the most expensive investment may just be home siding replacement Houston TX.Other than that, your home’s interior and exterior can be easily tweaked and accented to make an updated impactful statement.

Paint is Magic

Paint is liquid gold to an old house. Paint can easily take a run down dated looking room from depressing to amazing in a matter of hours. It’s also one of the most inexpensive ways to give any room a facelift. Painting can even compensate for shortcomings a particular area may have. For example, a small room can easily be painted using the right color to give the illusion of more space. Add the right lighting and you’ve transformed a small space into an area that appears more spacious and inviting. Use paint to your advantage to work with the existing structure of your old home and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

The Crown Molding Time Machine

If you’re really serious about transforming a 50-year-old house into a home from the 2000’s invest in crown molding. There is no better way to inexpensively take an old house from old and decrepit to modern, classy, and upscale. Installing crown molding is definitely an impactful move that you can make for less than $150 and easily put that ol’ spot back on the map. Use crown molding strategically in the rooms where you will have gatherings like the dining area and the living room. These areas tend to be more spacious and are perfect spots to choose when you really want to make a statement.

You may not realize yet how lucky you are that granny left you that old mortgage-free house. it may not look like a prize now but it’s a blessing in disguise because whipping it into shape is not going to make you go broke. The real treat is the fact that after you finish giving it a much-needed facelift you’ll still have money in your pockets. If that’s not a huge treat nothing is. So, put your wallet back in your pocket and don’t call the realtor. You don’t need a mortgage and you’re already home.

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