The Different Types of Driveway Concrete

Concrete driveways are the most common kinds of driveways in residential areas. Concrete is versatile, durable, and affordable. It is made by pulverising rocks into a tiny powder that is then mixed with binders and hardeners to create a liquid. That liquid is poured into slabs and when the liquid dries, it is one solid rock. Essentially, concrete is made the same way any rock is made but it is done with the quickness and efficiency of modern technology. Because it is produced by machines instead of naturally occurring, it can be cut or shaped into many different styles and textures. There are benefits to many of the kinds of concrete as well as drawbacks. Here is a quick comparison of different types of concrete so you can decide which one is right for your driveway.

Plain Concrete

Plain concrete is the most versatile and affordable of the different styles of concrete. If you are looking for quick and affordable concrete driveways in Mount Waverley, you can’t go wrong with plain concrete. It is made by crushing the rocks into powder and pouring it until it is smooth. A plain concrete driveway is the natural colour of the stones. It matches most homes, provides a reliable surface, and is easily cleaned. With a good pressure washing, you can return a plain driveway back to its original condition. It’s not the only kind of concrete, though.

Exposed Aggregate

The rocks that are crushed to form the concrete are known as the aggregate. In an exposed aggregate driveway, not all of the stones are pulverised completely. Some of them are left in whole or partial shape so that they can be included in the concrete when it is in suspension. An exposed aggregate driveway isn’t as smooth as a plain driveway because there are bits and pieces of stones exposed on the surface. In an aesthetic sense, this is attractive because it provides texture and a rustic quality. In a functional sense, exposed aggregate is great because it creates a rougher driveway. If your driveway is sloped at all, exposed aggregate can help you keep your balance while walking on a wet day. It does not get quite as slippery as plain concrete because the exposed stones act as tread.

Coloured Concrete

As the name implies, coloured concrete is concrete that has been dyed. This is desirable to many people because they can choose driveways that better match the look of their homes. There is a caveat, though. Some concrete companies will simply paint the top of the concrete after it has been laid. If they seal the driveway, it might retain its colour for a while but it will eventually fade. Also, the sealant can actually make your driveway slicker because water will bead up on the surface. You want a company that actually dyes the entire substance. A good company will add dyes while it is still in its liquid state so that the entire slab is coloured the desired shade. Weather and cleanings cannot wash away a colour that permeates the entire concrete slab.

Many different kinds of concrete are available, and you should choose the one that is best for you.


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