The Importance of Flue Gas Analysis

The rising pace of industrial development in the past few years has come at a considerable price. The Industrial Revolution took place in the 19th century. As man realised that machines could do work in a very efficient manner, it wasn’t long before a multitude of inventions were made around the globe. Rather than travelling on horses, man started travelling in automobiles. With the passage of time, industries were set up and development grew at a dramatic pace.

However, in the beginning, nobody really thought about the opportunity cost associated with such rapid development. Deforestation was rampant just a couple of decades ago, and harmful gases were being sent out into the atmosphere. By the end of the 20th century, it soon became apparent that this unchecked development could not continue. If the same pace was maintained, the natural ecosystem would be damaged beyond repair.

Companies were releasing harmful flue gases into the atmosphere, and chemicals and other substances were being dumped into the world’s rivers and oceans. The whole environment around the region where different industries were set up was affected.  Scientists and environmental analysts published a variety of different studies on how to curb emissions and reduce the harmful effect on the atmosphere. Today, flue gas analysis is essential for any company that’s releasing gases into the atmosphere. Flue gas is described as any gas that’s released into the environment through a flue, or a simple pipe or channel. You may have seen massive flues erected around manufacturing companies. These companies are obligated by law to bring a flue gas analyzer to the premises at specific intervals and get the flue gas tested. Here’s why this is so important.

Compliance Testing

Flue gas analysis is used for compliance testing purposes. The government wants to ensure that companies aren’t releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. The flue gas analysis is checked by government regulators to ensure that the company is complying with relevant rules and regulations. In most companies, there are very strict rules regarding emissions from exhaust gases. As a result, compliance testing is essential for any business that wishes to set up a manufacturing plant or process that involves the emissions of different gases.

Efficiency Testing

 Efficiency plays a very important role in any manufacturing process. The service engineers in your company would ideally use the flue gas analyzing equipment in order to find out whether the manufacturing processes are efficient enough or not. The equipment can then help you understand whether the machinery needs to be tuned or not. It can also help prevent downtimes over a longer period of time.

Process Monitoring

Flue gas analysis helps companies monitor different processes within the organisation and to ensure that emissions values remain under the specified limit. Process monitoring is essential in any manufacturing concern. It can help businesses improve efficiency in different environments and also reduce their operating expenditure. These are just some of the main reasons why flue gas analysis is so important in this day and age.


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