The Importance of Sweeping Your Chimney

The fireplace is one of the most important features of British houses. Fireplaces have been around since before the Victorian times and they are usually found in many living rooms. If you have a fireplace in your house that is in the main living room or the lounge, it’s important that you learn a few things about how to maintain it. Most fireplaces are powered by burning wood, which releases soot that often gets deposited around the sides of the chimney. Some common tips for maintaining the fireplace include:

  • Clean it regularly
  • Sweep the chimney
  • Use high quality wood

Instead of doing everything yourself, it is better if you hire experienced chimney sweep services in Newton Abbot. These guys know how to clean the fireplace and sweep the chimney. Here are a few important reasons why sweeping the chimney regularly is so important.

Soot Builds Up

Over the passage of time, the soot tends to build up around the sides of the chimney. This will limit the amount of free space available for the smoke to pass through, and could eventually cause a fire breakout inside the house. Soot build up can also leave dark marks on the ceiling.

Remove Blockages

Creosote can block the chimney and prevent smoke from escaping through the chimney. Creosote needs to be cleaned regularly after every few months to allow the smoke to pass freely. These are a few important reasons why you should clean the chimney regularly after every winter season.



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