The Job Defines the Plumber

A small leak may end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. Finding the right plumbers for your necessary repairs can prove to be a challenging undertaking. Many plumbers are only qualified for certain types of work and often fall into two categories: those who handle emergency situations and basic repairs, to those who specialise in remodelling. You don’t want to hire a small family plumber for a major remodelling project, nor do you want to hire a remodelling plumber for a small repair. Knowing the difference between the two will help you find the right man for the right job; saving you precious time and money.

The Do-It-Yourself Guy

This person could be yourself or the local small business plumber who lives down the street. If it’s just a small drip, and you are so inclined, you could potentially Google some how-to articles and videos that show the steps and parts needed. However, many folks want to avoid taking this on themselves. If you know that you are not that guy, it is advisable to find a local plumber before you find yourself in an emergency situation.

The best way to find local plumbers in Kent is to ask around. Ask your neighbours, real estate agents, or contractors. Make sure that the guy you hire has the proper license, as well liability and workman’s compensation insurance. Inquire about his fees before the work starts. Once you find the plumber that fits your needs, keep his number handy.

Remodelling Plumber

This type of plumber must be a true professional. You want someone more experienced than an entry-level plumber. Your best source for finding someone who specialises in remodelling projects is to inquire with local contractors. They know from experience which plumber happens to be qualified and who is just “all talk,” because they see their work before it is covered up with drywall.

You need to inquire about their license and the required insurance. This type of project requires a professional who has a knowledge of building codes, so it is imperative to do your due diligence in checking credentials. The price you pay will be higher than the simple do-it-yourself-er, but in the end, you won’t be paying for a plumber who says more than he actually knows.


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