The Key Differences Between LPG and Natural Gas

LPG (propane) and natural gas (methane) are both used in much the same way but there are also many differing applications that can call for one option over the other. In Australia, it is common for both gasses to be utilised for energy needs but LPG is often the better option for many reasons. Not only will you enjoy many advantages but the use of this option is often easier on the environment and more economical for homeowners.


Choosing bottled gas such as LPG is far more economical compared to natural gas, especially in the long run. When choosing between two sources of energy, you must remember that you will be using it rather frequently and during all times of the year. To get the most benefit for your money, you must take the time to consider the long-term and short-term costs and how convenience and ease of use factor into making the investment more worth the effort.

Instant Heat

LPG will burn readily and give off immediate heat once you light the flame for an even, easily controlled source of heat that can simplify using your kitchen. The flame of this gas when burned is highly visible and the size of the flame can easily be controlled to meet your needs with each use. Heating for the kitchen is just one application but is it important to note just how reliable and easily managed the gas is during use.


Using natural gas will cause a number of serious problems with the environment but LPG is known to burn efficiently with an exceptionally low combustion emission and with no black smoke whatsoever. You will never be forced to handle the mess of soot or the risk of a potentially deadly inhalation incident due to a leak of the gas into the home, which can happen with any machine that uses natural gas.

Easily Stored

LPG is bottled in an easily stored and highly durable container that can take even extreme abuse before being significantly damaged. This can make clean-up fast and easy while allowing plenty of room wherever you have the bottle stored when not in use. Whatever you choose to use the gas for, you should be able to keep your stock high throughout the year without having to devote an entire portion of your home just to your bottled fuel.


When you run out of gas, you can simply contact your local supplier for replacement as you need it. Whether you just want to ensure that your stock is full for a particularly energy-demanding time of the year or are completely out of gas, it is easy to get help. Fast, efficient, and cost-effective services allow you to enjoy having everything you need to keep your home fuel needs taken care of in the long run.

This type of gas will burn more efficiently and provide more benefits. Keeping the best available supplies in your home should help you to reduce annual costs, lower your environmental impact, and keep your annual budget for such things small and comfortable.

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