The Many Benefits of Aluminium Cladding

For any commercial premises, the outer layer of the structure demands a high level of durability, yet it must also be pleasing to the eye, and if that isn’t enough, it also needs to be maintenance free. Of all the materials used to cover the exterior surface of a factory or office block, only aluminium ticks all the boxes, and if you are not yet convinced, here are some of the advantages you can expect to receive when you clad your business premises in aluminium.

  • The Ideal Look – Aluminium is so versatile that you can create just about anything, in fact, you are only limited by your own creativity and imagination. There are professional contractors who pride themselves in providing aluminium cladding that really turns heads, and if it is possible, they can do it. Folded, curved, and irregular shapes can all be designed and fabricated, and as the material is strong and light, you have no load bearing issues. You are not limited when it comes to colours, which are guaranteed not to fade, crack, or peel by the way. Many companies opt for a metallic finish, which really does set you above everyone else, in terms of appearance, and the right design will bring you the kind of results that a million dollar advertising campaign might deliver, with everyone talking about that “new building” up the road.
  • Zero Maintenance – There’s enough to do without having to spend valuable time and resources of building maintenance, and with aluminium cladding, you have the perfect maintenance free solution. Once the cladding is securely in place, it really is a case of fix and forget, and despite all the harsh weather Australia can deliver, your exterior will always retain the sleek, clean look.
  • Durability – The latest generation of aluminium sheets have been tested in Northern Queensland, with rotating platforms that enable direct sunlight to be honed down on the panels for 12 hours per day, and the results were conclusive – There’s nothing that can affect the surface of this cladding. Heavy winds and storms that might otherwise cause structural damage will not manage to penetrate aluminium cladding, and if your company is located in a salty, coastal area, aluminium if right for you.
  • Insulation Properties – Any structure that has been clad with aluminium will be that little bit cooler inside, and when you consider how much energy you be saving, it really does make sense to go with aluminium cladding. The supplier would be able to furnish you with the technical information, but it is generally accepted that aluminium provides a level of thermal insulation.

The key to a successful project lies in the design and fabrication, and if you manage to source the right supplier, they will go out of their way to help you design something truly unique. Online suppliers have a lot of useful information on their websites, and you can actually order the pre-cut panels to your own specifications. Installation is easy, and they provide step by step instructions, along with all fittings and fixtures.

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