The Most Efficient Insulation

A thermal bridge is a location somewhere in your home that allows heat to pass through. During the summer, a thermal bridge allows warm temperatures move into your house. During the winter, the thermal bridge allows heat to escape from inside of your house. This happens in different ways depending on the weather outside. Whatever the case may be, they all can be treated with insulation.

Insulating Your Home

Insulation works because it is made of tons of tiny fibres with very large surface areas. They create a dense layer that catches air trying to move through. Also, the surface area of the millions of fibres absorbs heat before it is allowed to pass all the way through, which keeps heat from moving between the inside and outside of your house. You need to think about where you are putting the insulation, though. The insulation is commonly installed in the wall of your home. It’s also common for insulation to be in your ceiling as well. Many people have begun installing foil faced insulation.

Foil on Insulation

Contractors have begun installing insulation that is faced with foil because it forms a very effective vapour and moisture barrier. It is also a more efficient way to insulate your home. In different scenarios, heat comes from many different sources. The heat that comes through your floor is typically ambient heat radiating out of the ground. However, the heat that hits your walls and your roof is often from the sun directly; therefore, it is often infrared radiation that comes in the form of light. The light is the primary source of heat in your walls. Therefore, if you want to insulate your home effectively, you need to account for the heat from the light coming into your home. One way to do that is with foil.

Foil is a reflective substance that is not only lightweight, but also reflects light, which will help increase the effectiveness of the insulation. It will trap ambient heat in the fibres, but it will also bounce back light. Furthermore, foil forms a vapour and moisture barrier that is very efficient.

More than Insulation

More than just insulation, the waterproof foil will prevent moisture from seeping into your home. Such prevention will help prevent damping, and also allow you to control the humidity inside your home. When you can more efficiently control your home’s humidity, you can better control the temperature. The humidity has a marked impact on the comfort level you feel. It affects how the air feels and the perceived temperature. Also, damping makes your home vulnerable to pests and wood decay. As those problems progress, it could undermine the insulation and make it easier for heat to transfer. Foil will help you avoid all of those problems.

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