The Most Efficient Way to Heat Your Patio

A patio is a great place to spend time with friends and family during nice weather. If you need to keep the weather off you, such as rain and snow, put up a patio roof that will keep you dry. However, once the temperature drops, a roof won’t make much of a difference. During the winter, the cold temperatures can ruin an otherwise nice day. The best way to avoid spending a miserable day indoors, is to buy heaters to keep your patio comfortable. If you choose to just stop using your patio during the winter, you will miss out on some of the joys of a patio, for several months of the year. Alternately, you can heat your patio, and use it year round. There are two essential kinds of heaters: electric or fuel. Electric heaters use alternating current to generate ambient heat, whereas gas heaters burn fuel to create heat. Here is why gas is much more efficient and effective.

Cut Out the Middleman

An electric heater works by using the principle of alternating current to heat up some kind of filament, which is also how your lightbulbs work. The current changes the charge in the metal filament, quickly and repeatedly. That rapid changing creates heat in the metal. Once the metal is hot enough, it begins to radiate heat. That’s one of the reasons an electric heater is not terribly efficient. A gas heater, on the other hand, burns fuel from gas cylinders. Gas cylinders for sale can be found in many different places. You simply connect your cylinder to the heater, the heater releases a flow of gas, that gas is lit on fire, and the resulting fire radiates heat. Instead of the many different steps required to create heat from electricity, gas creates heat just by burning. That means you will get far more BTUs, for less money, from a gas heater.

The Radiating Heat

The heat from a gas heater is also going to be more effective at warming up both you and your guests as you enjoy the patio. Heat produced by an electric heater has to be propelled away from the heater. To which the solution is a fan. Some drawbacks of this, however, are that this will increase the amount of money you’re spending on electricity costs in order to run your heater, and it will cool down the heat, making the heater even less efficient. Alternately, you can use a gas heater to avoid these pitfalls. A gas heater is more efficient, because the gas in the can is pressurised. When the valve is opened, the gas propels itself out of the tank. When it is ignited and converted to heat, it will still carry momentum. Meaning that the heat will propel itself without any input, making this option more cost-effective and efficient.

If you are trying to keep your patio warm, invest in gas heaters that will provide you with a steady supply of heat. That steady supply of heat is much more affordable than if you purchase an electric heater. Gas is a natural resource that is very affordable, and not in short supply. It is a reliable commodity, with a very stable price and very reliable distributors. You just need to find a great distributor who will provide you with steady service throughout the year. You can even store gas, but be sure to keep it in a safe place.

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