The Most Expensive Pools in America

There are countless swimming pools in America, but there are only a handful of what you could call water-filled architectural marvels. No expense was spared to create these paradise pools. Here are ten of the most expensive pools in America.

Kitchukov Family Pool

The title of “most expensive pool in America” goes to the Kitchukov Family pool, with its one million dollars worth of extravagant features. In addition to a waterfall grotto and fountains, this fancy swimming pool also features a waterslide measuring fifteen feet. The swimming pool is a refreshing oasis within the Arizona desert. Built by Red Rock Contractors, the pool is about ten times larger than the typical backyard pool and took five months to finish. Two palm trees from California, lush greenery, and boulders the size of Cadillacs surround this posh family swimming pool.

Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle, now a historic landmark, was the home of William Randolph Hearst, a newspaper tycoon of the twentieth century. It’s Neptune Pool and Roman Pool are among its most outstanding aspects. The Neptune Pool features Vermont marble colonnades, has temple overlooking it, and is heated using a unique oil-burning system. The design of the heated indoor Roman Pool was inspired by ancient Roman bathhouses. The pool features glimmering colorful mosaic tiles and sculptures along the side of the pool.

Acqua Liana

Found in Manalapan, Florida, this swimming pool is part of an eco-certified luxury property. Its name “Acqua Liana” was inspired by the many water features and means “water flower” in Fijian and Tahitian. The swimming pool features a Polynesian theme and includes LED lights, underwater windows, and a floating sun terrace. Other water features of the pool include a reflecting pool for kids, and a 16-person hot tub complete with a fire feature in the center among other features.

Fleur de Lys

Fleur de Lys in Beverly Hills was designed after the Palace of Versailles. The mansion has many luxury features, but its seventy-foot pool is definitely one of the most notable. Colonnades cast shadows over the sparkling blue water of the swimming pool. A lion statue regally watches guests in poolside lounges. The pool setting also includes two pool houses, one with an exercise room and the other with a kitchen.

Bootjack Ranch

Located in the San Juan Mountains, the 3,500-acre Bootjack Ranch is where luxury meets the Wild West. It’s huge spa and aquatic center features a deluxe Olympic-sized swimming pool that would fit right in at any of the most luxurious resorts around the world.

Versace Mansion

The Versace Mansion, once the home of fashion designer Gianni Versace, is now an upscale hotel by the name of The Villa by Barton G. The property’s lavish swimming pool is fifty-four feet long and is inlaid with 24-karat gold. The surrounding courtyard includes palm trees, mosaic pathways, and sculpture, along with elegant columns.


The 210 acres of Tranquility feature stunning views. The property was built for co-founder of Tommy Hilfiger, Joel Horowitz. Next to the estate’s conservatory is large-scale swimming pool with a mosaic tiled floor. With an entirely white color scheme, the indoor pool has an expensive aura to it with a vaulted ceiling, wrought-iron windows, columned walls, and arched doorways.

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