The Right Kind of Siding Effect for Your Walls

Covering the walls or SIDING is one of the often considered secondary operations in an interior design. Instead, in addition to having a clear value from the decorative point of view, this step can be useful to buffer or conceal unpleasant situations, such as an eventual presence of moisture on the inner wall.

It is one of the strategies to be put in place to “make the difference”. To understand it, it is enough to compare the different impact that the surface of a wall left white and smooth can have with the presence of a covering able to enhance it.

The wide range of wall coatings currently on the market can lead to easy mistakes or generate doubts: the aspects to keep in mind, in the choice of a possible solution in this specific front, concern the size of the room, the amount of natural light and the overall design.

Flower power

In recent years, the wallpapers are experiencing an authentic revival, with modern and appealing motifs launched season after season. Applicable also by hand and sometimes equipped with finishes that make it suitable for environments at risk of humidity, are also available with botanical reproductions in large format: perfect to convince even the most wary.

Not just in the bathroom

We could define it as “mosaic-mania”: it is the tendency to use coverings in small format, even with shiny, mirror or sparkling finishes on the walls.

The must for the industrial home

The plaster? There are those who decide to do without it, despite the numerous decorative treatments that can be used, in favor of maintaining bricks in sight.

Stucco or wood panels?

Entering this sleeping area is like diving into a sort of microcosm in which wood is the protagonist, but without being excessive. The secret of this coating is the choice of color that unifies door and walls.

Mix of materials

Wood, marble and cement define the identity of this wall, giving life to a particularly suitable author’s covering in the home in search of personality.

All the authenticity of the cement

When you aim to get a rough surface, with austere and irregular appearance, there is nothing better than resorting to the concrete coating. This is a widely used method and not only in public environments.

Painting effect on blackboard

For a playful and transformative home, the use of paint that produces a blackboard effect can be the right card to play.

Ever thought of cork panels?

Among the new materials used in wall cladding, metal foils, natural impression solutions such as raffia and cork sheets, are worth considering. Easy to assemble, they are suitable for interiors without formalisms.

Operation silence

There is not only the humidity between the “enemies” that one tries to annihilate, at least visually, by resorting to the appropriate coatings. At home, to ensure silence and comfort to a specific environment, it is possible to use the new generation soundproofing panels.

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