Three Inexpensive Ways to Transform a Kitchen

There are some home improvements that will help add value to your home, including:

  • Converting an attic to liveable space
  • Adding a bedroom
  • Adding a bathroom
  • Renovating the kitchen
  • Creating a driveway

Some renovations are more expensive than others but most people want to update their kitchens because they are the hub of most households. Here are three ideas for renovating a kitchen on a budget.

Buy Unpainted Cabinets

Instead of purchasing finished kitchen cabinets, buy unpainted ones. Before they are hung, you can prime, sand, and paint them with two coats of a good-quality paint or you can stain them. This costs much less if you do the finishing work yourself and have builders in Suffolk expertly hang them for you.

Change Hardware

Instead of replacing the kitchen cabinets, change their appearance by replacing the hardware. New hardware can give cabinets an entirely different look and it will help save thousands of pounds on a kitchen renovation. Refacing the cabinets is also a less expensive way of updating them because only the doors of the cabinets are replaced instead of the whole unit.

Add Lighting

Installing lights beneath the cabinets can brighten the kitchen and make it easier to see what you are doing when prepping food. Add inexpensive LED light strips beneath the cabinets where they cannot be seen. You can also install them on top of cabinets where there is space to display special dishes.

You don’t need to spend a fortune renovating a kitchen to add value to your home.


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