Tips for Buying a Replacement Boiler Fan

The boiler is an essential piece of equipment that is commonly found in almost every home throughout the country. There are many different brands of boilers and other residential heating appliances, so there is plenty of choice available in the market. However, one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind when buying a new boiler is the availability of spare parts. Avoid buying a boiler for which the spare parts are not readily available in the market. You are going to need replacement parts from time to time, so it is highly recommended that you do your research properly and buy a boiler that is widely supported by the manufacturer.

Some of the components which may get damaged and need replacing after a while are as follows:

  • Circuit board
  • Diverter/zone valves
  • Pump
  • Boiler fan
  • Automatic air vent
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Thermocouple
  • Overheat thermostat
  • Ignition mechanism

Boiler Fans is one of the leading companies that currently offers a wide range of boiler parts. The fan is by far the most common item that you will need to replace after every few years. The boiler fan generally dies after a few years of rigorous use, and will need to be replaced if you want to keep the boiler working properly. Here are a few tips on how to buy a replacement fan for your boiler.

Get a Pricing Estimate                                  

There are many local businesses that specialise in selling spare parts for boilers, many of which also have their own websites. You can simply run a Google search for local businesses that sell boiler spare parts to find out what your options are. Head over to the company’s website and then enter your boiler’s make and model to get a pricing estimate for the part you need. If you have a very old boiler, new spare parts might not be available in the market. The company will have to arrange for a used boiler fan, and that could take a bit of time. You can also call the company’s helpline number to get an idea of how much a new boiler fan will cost you.

Don’t Rush into the Purchase

Many of the reputable websites that sell household appliances and other items do not stock spare parts. Instead, you will have to look online for traders that offer such components. Remember, there is a lot of negotiation room when buying spare parts, so there’s no point in rushing into the purchase. Take your time and request quotes from several companies before deciding where to buy from.

Once you have purchased the boiler fan, you will need to have it installed in your boiler. Avoid tinkering with the boiler yourself, as you could end up causing even more damage to the boiler. You need to call a certified heating engineer to install the boiler fan in place for you. Many companies that currently sell boiler spares also offer a money-back guarantee if the boiler fan fails to work properly, so keep the receipt with you until after installation.


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