Tips to Avoid Picking the Wrong Interior Paint Color

Painting a room is the quickest and cost-effective way to transform the look of the room. But it is important to choose the right interior paint color. In this article, we will discuss some of the tips which need to be avoided so that you don’t pick a wrong interior paint color. You can also consult some of the interior designer or painter like New Castle Painting BC, who are experts in this. They will guide you and help you choose the best paint for your interior. These are some important tips.

  1. Never go directly to the store and browse the paint chips without doing any preparation. You should always narrow down your choices.
  2. If you do not have any particular color in your mind that you want to be painted, then you can look up to the photo book of your memorable trips and look for any color which speaks for you and the memories you created so that you unearth your happy, memorable moments and relive them again.
  3. Without knowing about the shades and hues of color, you will not be able to decide upon the best as per your feeling and requirement. Your choice should not create blind spots which would derail all your intentions of painting. Further, the important point to keep in mind that if you have an empty room then you can paint with cool gray or warm gray but if there are furniture and other accessories possessing warmer hues, then you might choose something in a warmer tone which will complement the furniture you already have. Thus, avoid picking colors which will not suit the furniture and other accessories already present in the room.
  4. Never decide on the color that you find appealing online. The colors appearing on your computer, mobile will appear differently on the walls. Similarly, the chips will also not give you exact appearance, and they are the closest representative of the actual paint. Hence, always select a swatch of your chosen shade and bring it home before any commitment.
  5. Never choose more colors and create confusion while finalizing. Always try to choose around 3 to 4 colors and then finalize which best suits your room and your liking. Bring all the chosen swatches home and lay them for comparison. You will find the difference between each color, and then you can narrow down by removing those which do not appeal you anymore. Then once you have only 3 to 4 color, tack the chips on the wall to be painted or use the paper sheet as a background for better comparisons.
  6. Never directly apply paints of more colors on the wall before finalizing. After doing the chip test then only you test them directly on the wall. Paint a one-by-one square foot on walls.
  7. Avoid picking the color randomly, pick them with the required finish, i.e. matte, high gloss, satin, eggshell, as these also will change the way it appears to your eyes.

Finally, never decide on the color of the paint by just testing at one time. Look at the painted sample at the different time of the day and also with different types of lighting to see if there is any change in the effect of appearance.

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