Tips to Keep Your A/C Run Smoothly

Air conditioning systems have been frequently used in residential premises for many years already. However, people still do not know or understand the basic notions of their operations as well as do not maintain them in the right way. This article is dedicated to several tips that will help you ensure your air conditioning system operates well.

Step 1. Shut off the power
Air conditioner works from the network so if you do not want to be injured by it, make sure that you turn the power off before proceeding to any further steps. According to A/C professionals from Simple Green, most systems have an exterior shut-off box near the unit.

Step 2. Remove debris
Next thing for you to do is clean everything you can. Check the exterior condenser/compressor and clean there any leaves and debris behind the protecting cage.

Step 3. Clean the fins
Cleaning fins is very easy. You only need to take your garden hose and spray the water through the fins from the inside out in order to blast any built up dirt or debris from them. Warning! Do not use a pressure washer because the pressure can damage the fins.

Step 4. Straighten the fins
You understand that crooked fns will prevent the air conditioning system from running smoothly. This is why you need to straighten then manually should such an issue occur. Experts advise using a butter knife or commercially available fin-straightening tool for bent fins. Make sure not to put much pressure on it so that the fins are not damaged.

Step 5. Clean area around the unit
Now your goal is to clean area around the goal to ensure that your air conditioning system gets enough air. Make sure that there is also no debris and back leaves outside the condenser, experts also advise cutting back branches and vegetation within at least a couple of meters in all directions to allow proper airflow around the unit.

Step 6. Level the unit
It is a common issue for air conditioners to sit so that the soil settles beneath it. In such situations your compressor will fail pretty quickly. Unless you have heat pump system, make sure to bring it back to level.

Step 7. Clean the evaporator coil
Now let’s move inside. Inside of the blower/furnace unit you need to find the evaporator coil door. Once inside, you will need a soft brush in order to dust off the coil, then spray the coil with special rinse coil cleaner. Drains should be cleaned with soap and hot water.

Step 8. Clean a plugged evaporator drain
According to Simply Green reviews over time algae and mold will potentially build up and plug your A/C drain. So if your drain does not work, you will need to clean it. The process of drain cleaning can be either extremely easy, or on the contrary very complicated. If standard means of working out clogged drains do not work, make sure to call a professional for help.

Step 9. Change the blower filter
Now getting on the finish line. Keep in mind that filters in general must be changed at least monthly unless rarer instructions are given. Change the filter yourself because it is very easy and enjoy your renovated air conditioning system again!

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