Top Reasons For Finishing A Basement

Let’s be honest here. Basements really aren’t all that fun to look at or even be in. Sure, you might have some basements in pop culture that stand out as a “cool place” to be (Such as televisions “That 70’s Show), but the vast majority of basements are rather nasty and dingy. Not to mention that they’re a focal point for mould and grime to grow from that can get into your ventilation, or eat away at the foundation of your home. Plus, they tend to just be placed as extra storage space for people who have a lot of unneeded items that they can’t get rid of.

That’s not even to talk about their cost either, as they tend to be infestation grounds for more than just fungus and such. They also tend to be places where vermin (Such as termites) congregate, and their general coolness can sap away a lot of central heat from the home, driving up heating bills.

But those are just the negative aspects of what an unfinished basement can do to homeowners and their homes. What is it about finished basements that make them good? Well other than the aesthetic and pleasing appearance of a finished Basement that adds another useful room to the home, there are actually a lot of beneficial economical reasons why finishing out a basement is useful. Three of which we’re going to discuss because they’re often cited as THE biggest reasons for why you should be looking for a Home Renovator as soon as you can.

Cost Efficient

As it was said previously, having a finished basement is very cost efficient, and will quickly and easily pay for itself in the long run. With the added bonus of having things such as insulated walls, carpeting, and insulation in the ceiling above you’ll be able to retain heat far better than without, and the coolness from Air Conditioning will last a lot longer as well without stone floors and walls sapping the energy out of the room. This tends to drive down the cost of Air conditioning as a whole, and your home will be better able to maintain a proper temperature.

Home Value

One of the best things that can happen when finishing a basement? The value of your home goes up several fold. The joy of having a finished basement becomes apparent not only for you when it’s done, but also for other people who are looking to buy a new place to live. With a finished basement, they can have an additional option for either a living space, a bedroom, or even an office. It’s that certainty of having an additional place in the home that drives up the value of the house, in the long run, making any home renovation done practically pay for itself.

Creates More Floor Space

This seems almost counter intuitive, since you’re adding carpeting and insulation to the mix. The reality of it is though is that by eliminating spaces that accumulate unneeded items you’re actually increasing how much flooring you can actually use.

So as we can see, finished basements are not only great to look at, but they also are completely economical as well, and can really only help increase how much your home is worth, which isn’t to say of the joy you’ll have for all that extra space as well.

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