Types of Pool Heaters You Can Choose from

A commercial heater for the pool is completely different from ordinary pool heaters. Residential swimming pools are generally smaller in size, and as a result, don’t require a large-sized heater. On the other hand, commercial pools are designed to accommodate a greater number of people, which is why you will need to buy a bigger, more powerful pool heater. Buying a commercial heater is much easier said than done, considering the many different brands and types of heaters that are available on the market.

Commercial pool heaters obviously cost a lot more than conventional heaters. However, you will also need to consider other factors, such as the electrical usage and efficiency values, before making a purchase. The first thing that you need to decide before buying a new pool heater is the kind of heater you want.

Solar Heaters

One of the most popular types of pool heaters that you can buy on the market today is a solar pool heater. In fact, solar pool heaters have become the primary choice for those that own and manage commercial pools. Unlike other pool heaters, these ones make virtually no noise at all. Most importantly, the operating costs associated with solar heaters are almost nothing. However, these heaters are only suitable for use in areas which receive a lot of sunlight. If the pool is located in an area that doesn’t receive a lot of sunlight, these heaters might not be a wise choice.

Electrical Heaters

Even though solar heaters are fast becoming more popular, electrical heaters are still the most common. Electrical heat pump pool heaters are considerably more efficient as compared to natural gas units, and can heat up the water in a faster and more efficient manner. It’s important to note that there are several components which will take up more space as compared to self-contained heaters. These include the heat pump unit, the air handler and the line set. The heat pump unit contains the condensing coil, the compressor, the motor and the fan.  According to dealers, a conventional electrical heater uses up to $500 of electricity on an annual basis.

Natural Gas Heaters

Natural gas heaters have been around for many decades now. They have been phased out in the past few years, as newer and more efficient heaters have risen to the fore. Conventional natural gas heaters use up to $750 worth of gas to heat up your pool! The costs of professional installation will also increase the total price of the unit.

It’s important to note that these heaters aren’t as efficient as other units, and are also not environmentally friendly. If you were to consider the overall economy, these heaters are a poor choice altogether. These are just some of the most common types of pool heaters that you can buy on the market. You should consider the long-term operating costs before making a purchase; it’s better to pay a high price once than to bear an exorbitant monthly expenditure.

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