What are the Different Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom?

There are a few ways to renovate a bathroom and at the same time make it look even bigger, as well as becoming more functional and easier to move around in. You should start to begin by considering the specific areas that will need to be changed or updated, and to carefully decide on the budget, as renovating even a small bathroom can be expensive. That’s why it may be a good idea to have a chat with professional renovators, who can give you an experienced rundown on what can and can’t be achieved.

Even just a simple change like paint colour can affect the look of a bathroom, or if wanting a definite new feel to your home, a complete renovation where flooring and fixtures are replaced. This will certainly make a much huge impact on your surroundings.

Space – the final frontier!

When you’re wishing to renovate your bathroom, one of the best things you can do is to maximise the available space, and thus create the illusion of there being more space in the room. By selecting light-coloured wall coverings or paint, and maybe pale tiles for the floor or areas around the sink or shower, you can actually make that room look bigger than it is. Darker or brighter colours can be used for accessories, but basically it is best to try to keep the colours light, serene, and neutral. Check out beautiful bathrooms in Perth for a great selection of amazing things which can make your bathroom look and feel just perfect.

Lighting is also definitely a great place to invest some money when you’re deciding on renovating your bathroom. Lighting fixtures mounted over a sink or even recessed into the ceiling can simply make that room appear larger and brighter without using up any valuable space in the room. Use a large mirror in a bathroom if possible as this is a great way to reflect light and once again, make the room look larger.

Tubs and watery things

Another solution when renovating a bathroom is to replace old fixtures with smaller, more modern ones. A big old tub could conceivably be replaced with a cool looking stand-up shower stall, or even with just a smaller, more modern tub. You may also want to replace a large vanity sink with a smaller one. This option is a fairly simple one, and is a grand way of making a bathroom look much bigger.

You should finally try to remove as much clutter from the bathroom as possible. A clean room always looks that more spacious than a cluttered one, so if possible, try storing rarely used items in a linen closet, on the inside or outside of the bathroom, or just fit flat cabinets into the wall to store items that you will need more often.

Bathrooms are places that we spend quite a lot of time in, so make sure yours looks amazing!

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