What Different Types of Pest Control are out there

The art of pest control has been a bane for humans for as long as we have been here on the planet. From insects that bite and sting, to mice in the pantry, humans are often not always on so good terms with some of the other inhabitants of this beautiful planet. Homeowners have a variety of options to choose from if they wish to do their very own pest control, what with things such as bait, traps, fumigation, insecticide and even organic control, all are options they might wish to try out.

But, homeowners should make sure to be completely sure about which kind of pest they are dealing with before attempting to control it. A number of pests are easily identifiable, such as mice or cockroaches, but some others are not so easily verifiable. Homeowners may want to have a chat with anybody they know who might be knowledgeable regarding such matters, and ask for some advice on what they’re dealing with and how it should be dealt with. Then, of course, there’s always another option of calling in the professionals

Professionals to the Rescue

Pest control professionals, also known as exterminators, are often contacted and called in after a homeowner has tried methods on their own, but to no avail. They may have even used similar kinds of methods that pest control companies in Essex use, but they often will not have access to chemicals and other techniques that the professional will. The great advantage that the professional has, other than better methods, is knowing almost straightaway exactly which pest is causing the problem. Having this kind of knowledge allows him to use the perfect extermination methods to the pest in question.

A professional, for example, may choose bait, for instance, as the best method of dealing with a particular pest problem. This might involve indoor or outdoor bait, which usually will lead to a trap where the pest is eradicated. Mice, rats and other rodents are often dealt with in this manner.

Fumigating and being Careful

When fumigation takes place it usually involves what is known as “tenting,” which is a method used by surrounding a house with special tenting material and then spraying the inside with a poison gas. This method is expensive, but in some cases may be the only way to get the pests out of a home. In other cases, insecticide is usually sprayed around the interior of the home, in such places where pests like to hang out or breed.

There are some homeowners who wish for a more humane or safer method for humans. Good old fashioned live traps can capture the pests alive and unharmed, and they allow the pests to be taken elsewhere and released. A homeowner will have to be very careful when using any pest control methods and often people’s pets end up dying due to negligence. Some are dangerous and so it is best handled by professional pest control services.

Make sure your home is, and stays pest free.

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