What Is Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning

The method chosen to clean a carpet is frequently dependent on various factors. These factors may include the condition of the carpet, how the carpet is soiled, the size of the area, how quickly the work needs to be completed, and the amount of drying time that is allowed.

Why a Low-Moisture Application Is Beneficial

A low-moisture carpet cleaning is a cost-effective approach that is used to perform interim carpet cleaning. When you include a low-moisture cleaning in regular carpet care, you can extend the life of a carpet or rug. Routine cleanings maintain materials and often bring carpet fibres back to life.

As the name implies, a low-moisture carpet cleaning process uses a reduced amount of moisture, or around 5% of the amount of water than hot water extraction uses. The cleaning products are applied topically and dispensed mechanically using one of various methods.

Low-Moisture Treatments

Bromley carpet cleaners use dry compounds, hydrogen peroxide, foams, and encapsulates for low-moisture cleaning. Low-moisture extraction equipment is also used for this type of carpet care. Over the years, one of the major issues with traditional extraction involved over-wetting a carpet.

The moisture from over-wetting can travel to the carpet backing. In turn, the carpet fibres tear, shrink, bleed, or discolour, which can also cause the development of mould or mildew. Again, that is why low-moisture carpet care is a recommended process.

Multiple Treatments Keep Carpets Clean

Low-moisture cleaning or dry cleaning offers the advantage of a quick drying time as well. If your carpet is steam-cleaned, you usually have to wait 12 to 24 hours before you can walk on your rug or carpet again. Plus, if you only use one form of cleaning (steam cleaning), you cannot get rid of certain stains such as chemical or pet stains. These stains require multiple treatments or they cannot be removed.

So, if you want to make full use of carpet cleaning services, review the advantages of low-moisture carpet cleaning. If you want to lengthen your carpet’s life and keep it looking pristine, alternating your cleaning methods may be a good idea.


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