What Tasks Does a Pub Manager Carry Out

  • The pub, one of the most famous and most recognised institutions in the UK, is short for the word “public house”, and is an old European type of bar known mostly for its choice of beverages, casual atmosphere and normally light meals and snacks.
  • Pubs are universally recognised as being associated with the island of Great Britain, and have been imitated and made into businesses and a place to drink and gather in practically every country around the planet.
  • A pub manager is he or she who administers all staff and must ensure that the place is conducting good business and also meeting all health and safety code regulations.
  • The arranging of the yearly operating budget and the implementing of his or her marketing plan throughout the year are also major duties of a professional pub manager.

Supplies, Stock and Food

  • Inventory is yet another part of a pub manager’s duty and they must ensure that there are enough supplies and stock to maintain customers’ demands and make sure that wholesale bar supplies are looked after and also order the cleaning supplies online.
  • The difference between a regular modern bar and ones of the past is that the old pub used to actually brew beer on the premises, whereas today most pubs don’t.
  • In addition to beers, pubs also serve other alcoholic drinks, like as wine, whiskies, as well as a range of non-alcoholic soft drinks.
  • Most pubs nowadays serve some kind of food, and a manager or chef has to order all of the ingredients for that day’s meal.
  • What type of menu the pub will serve up is also another responsibility of a skilled pub manager and in nearly all cases it will be spelled out with the chef’s input.
  • All meals have to suit the casual, laid back pub style and go down nicely with beers.
  • The classic traditional selection of crisps, nuts, other appetisers and often pies and sandwiches, are the meal mainstay of many a pub.

Staff and Advertising

  • Pub manager must hire and train staff and be able to do all jobs in a pub and fill in when required. Watching over staff is a day to day responsibility and meetings and performance reviews help in keeping employees aware of the bar’s requirements.
  • The promotion of the pub through advertising and the likes of bingo, game or quiz nights help to bring in more customers.
  • Pubs are traditionally famous for their neighbourhood atmosphere with many locals becoming regular customers.
  • In larger pubs, the managers might employ bookkeeping and accounting staff so as to manage the financial side of business, however, the manager must still examine the books and take care of things such as taxes.

If you think that you would like to become a bar manager, remember that it’s much more than standing around at a bar and having a few beers with the locals!

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