What to Look for When Hiring a Removalist

Moving is stressful at the best of times, so the last thing you need when moving home is to find that the removal company you hired to assist you with the move isn’t up to scratch. There are several essential qualities to look for when hiring a removalist, including the following three that you must insist on. Fail to ensure all these qualities are present in the company you hire, and your relocation experience, whether that’s locally or interstate, could leave a lot to be desired.


One of the most important qualities that you need to look for when hiring a removalist is their experience. Moving people’s possessions around may seem more about brawn than brains, but that isn’t the case. While removalists are usually very strong (they carry heavy items around most of the day), there’s a lot more to running a successful removalist business than the ability to carry fridges and sofas up and down numerous flights of stairs.

Look for established removalists like Rocket Removals when searching for a top removal company in your local area. Chances are they’ll have a solid local reputation and can provide you with the right advice, as well as all the services you need, at the right rates.


In addition to packing services (and perhaps storage), some removal companies will also provide services such as removal consultancy, which is a handy service that makes moving home much easier. What’s more, you should also ask about their vehicles when enquiring about services as it will work out to be more cost-effective if you hire one large truck than two smaller trucks or vans. You need to make sure that the removalists you hire provide the services that you’re looking for.


Naturally, you don’t want to pay too much, but if there’s a trifling difference between an expert removalist and one you’re not so sure about, it does prove advantageous to pay that little bit extra for quality, especially where your possessions are concerned.

Nevertheless, still shop around and compare the quotes you’re given as you’ll never get a good idea of how much you should be paying unless you procure quotes from multiple removalists in your local area.


Chances are you know someone who’s moved home recently, so ask them about their experiences with the removal company they hired. If they’re happy with them, give them a call and ask for a quote. You should still shop around, but you may like to give this one preference because they’ve been recommended to you by someone so you know that they’re reliable.

Sourcing a top removalist company in your local area isn’t difficult when you know the qualities that you need to look for. Whether you’re moving to another state or to a house just down the road, it’s essential that you look for these three very important qualities – experience, services and rates – in the removalist you hire. After all, moving is stressful enough, there’s no need to complicate things by working with second-rate service providers.

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