When to Replace Your Carpet

Although proper maintenance should keep your carpet beautiful and fresh for years, it is inevitable that you will need to replace it. Some homes require new carpet more often, such as homes with children or pets, while others may need replacement for selling purposes. Whatever causes you to consider new carpet, spotting the signs early should help you reduce costs and keep your floors looking amazing.


If you have to move furniture and rugs around just to cover up unsightly stains on your carpet, the time has come for you to replace it. Carpet is among the most cost-effective flooring solutions, allowing you to keep your home beautiful without going out of your renovation budget. Most quality carpets, such as Somerset carpets, come with a stain-resistant finish to ensure that you can enjoy your new carpets with a lower risk of accumulating new stains.

Wear and Tear

Your carpet should not be shedding fibres whenever you walk across it and it should certainly not be coming up or fraying along the edges. A carpet that is reaching the end of its lifespan will begin showing these signs, and you may even notice a rip or tear that was not there before. Matted, torn, or significantly worn carpet should be replaced as soon as possible for both aesthetic and health reasons.


Your carpet should not exude an odour that cannot be easily diminished after a proper cleaning. If you have pets, a slight odour occasionally reaching your nose is not particularly surprising or worrisome, but a smell that lingers after cleaning is a problem. This is an indication that the odour has penetrated deep into your carpet fibres, the carpet pad, or even the subfloor, and it may also indicate mould or mildew growth. In these cases, your best option is to have your carpets completely replaced, an option that will beautify your home in the process.


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