Which Types of Brick Fireplaces Can be Purchased These Days

Conventional brickwork has with time always been seen as common design of a great fireplace and has been with us for more than a few centuries because of its sturdiness. And it is because of this, that you still see many brick fireplace in many older homes.

However, there are nowadays a lot more than just the one design and fireplaces can differ when it comes down to things like brick designs.

Arrangement and Colouring

  • There are different ways to place bricks when building a wonderful looking fireplace.
  • They can be built like a pyramid, with a wide baseline, which steadily tapers up to the top.
  • The bricks can be placed ideally on top of one another in a neat line, or somewhat staggered.
  • And there’s also the choice of bricks stretching up to the top of the room, or ending just over the fireplace.

In past times, many folk liked red as the colour for their brick fireplace, but luckily there are nowadays a lot more other options available.

  • The brick colour will rely on the clay where it was made and the colours can differ from brown or pink to beige or grey.
  • There are also some people who paint their beautiful Electric Fireplaces in Yorkshire with colours that differ from a brick’s natural shade.
  • This happens when a householder wants their fireplace masonry to suit the rest of the room, while other people enjoy the contrast of natural brick.

The Present or the Past

  • Another alternative now available for brick fireplaces are the wished for looks.
  • Some newer houses already come with a choice of fireplace which is usually of a modern design.
  • However, many homeowners interested in a brand new home, are wishing for the more traditional design, which means the likes of a more weathered brick fireplace.

In Yorkshire, a high quality company can provide a selection of various designs of fireplaces, that can give the new home (or older) with a wonderfully great looking fireplace that really stands out and acts as the centrepiece in any room.

As has been reported over the past few years, there has been an upswing in the number of folk who are returning to the traditional, natural, cosy warmth and feel of a building whose rooms are lucky enough to be heated with a real fire.

Fortitude Thy Name is Fireplace!

  • One of the major reasons that many good people wish for a traditional brick fireplace is because of its durability.
  • This type of masonry is typically low upkeep, and it only requires cleaning on occasion.
  • And when it gets older with good usage and weathering, it still maintains its charm and even grants itself respect for all of the hard work it has done provider the home with warmth!

This is why brick fireplaces have remained popular down through time, are still with us today and will remain so even longer!

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