Why Choose Oak Furniture?

When you choose furniture or doors for your house, you always want to pick the best option. What makes oak your best option?


Oak is an extremely durable type of wood. It can take more than a few bumps and knocks without breaking. Oak furniture can potentially last a lifetime. It has been used for many years – dating back to the Middle Ages – to make furniture. Oak furniture from that time period has lasted longer than similar furniture made from different wood. You will not need to replace your oak furniture. By adding a stain or varnish, you can preserve the elegant look of the wood for a very long time. By choosing oak, you will be choosing durability.


Oak wood requires little to no maintenance. You may need to use varnish on tables or chests again after many years have passed, but this is not a constant or expensive process. As for cleaning, you will need to dust the piece occasionally, or clean up any spills that might occur. However, you will not find the maintenance difficult or overly demanding.


Oak furniture is stylish and makes a classy statement. The wood is beautiful and admired for its natural appearance. It does not need a lot of doctoring to turn it into a stylish piece of furniture. You can use the furniture as the focal point of the room, or a conversation piece. Additionally, you can choose to arrange the furniture according to your style. Because oak furniture does have a larger price tag than other wood types, you may as well pay for it to be personalised. By using oak beams from www.tradoak.com, you will be able to pick from many options. You can choose reclaimed oak beams, which have a lovely antique look. You could also go for air-dried beams that are straight and cut proportionally. Last of all, you can find fireplace and mantel beams. These beams are somewhat curved and are part of what gives the furniture its natural beauty. You will not need to add much decoration to these lovely pieces of oak furniture.

Another option is purchasing unfinished oak. This allows you to choose a stain in a colour you like that will match your other furniture. You can choose either white or red oak for your base. White oak is more durable, and has a lighter colouring. It is also more waterproof. However, red oak is also a strong wood and was used for wagon wheels and floors in the olden days.


Oak furniture can fit in with many other types of furniture present. You can use an oak table to give your room a contemporary, rustic, or traditional look, depending on the other types of furniture you already have in your home. Its flexibility allows it to adapt to many different room styles.

In the end, you will find that oak gives you a myriad of advantages, even if you need to pay a little more upfront. You will enjoy its durability, low maintenance requirements, style, and adaptability.

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