Why Cleaning Your Roof Matters

Collapsing roofs can be the stuff of nightmares. All it takes is one big hurricane or earthquake, and your home could be done-in by Mother Nature herself.

Who’s on your side then?

  • Definitely not the insurance companies, you just became their nightmare.
  • Roofing contractors are as friendly as you pay them, but they’ll always look out for their own interests financially and legally.
  • If you haven’t finished paying off your mortgage, odds are the bank won’t be too happy either.

Now, with Mother Nature, the outcomes are always unpredictable. Your preparedness absolutely does not have to be. And, if your roof holds, your home can stay intact, and most of the crises can be averted.

But, if your roof is too weak, the damage could be insurmountable.

When it comes to that, you are the best person on your side. It turns out that keeping your roof in the best shape isn’t all that difficult. You just have to clean it, and many problems can be avoided altogether such as:

  • Preventing infestations

Chunks of wood and clumps of decaying leaves are a gold mine for organisms that feed off of rot. That includes mold, lichen, fungus and other things you just don’t want anywhere near your roof boards. In addition, a good cleaning can ward off insects like bees and wasps from becoming permanent residents of your household.

  • Heat Absorption

Shiny roofs are great for two reasons. One, they’re shiny, which is awesome. Two, their reflective property keeps heat from being absorbed into your shingles, roof boards, and even your attic. If you want a great way to keep your electric bill down, especially in hot states like Florida or Texas, then you can start here. By giving your roof a solid scrubbing to free it of dark dirt and debris, you give it the ability to reject heat away from your home every day.

  • Ugliness

Dirty roofs are not appealing, and can have a very real effect on your home’s value. Especially when you’re trying to sell it.

Beyond aesthetics, dirty roofs are a clear sign that maintenance has been relatively ignored over the last few months. That indicated that there could be larger, more expensive problems than just a bad tint.

Again, dirt and debris accumulations can cause major damage to wooden roof boards and delicate shingles. Over time, these problems amplify and could end up resulting in the need for a new roof.

Not only will that cost you a pretty penny (roughly $4500 per 1000 sq. ft.) but insurance companies are likely to write you off if your roof sprung a leak as a result of poor maintenance.

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