Why Do I Need a Fireplace Surround?


What are commonly called fireplace surrounds are pieces of architecture that are used to boost the looks and visual appeal of any fireplace, providing them with both aesthetic and safety benefits. There are different designs of fireplace surround that can match perfectly the type of fireplace that you have in a broad range of designs.

A number of home improvement shops which sell some fireplace surrounds, however, if you’re thinking of checking out a larger selection of designs, it is in your best interests to contact and consult with a company which deals exclusively in them and fireplaces. Whether you’re looking for a new one or an upgrade, make sure to take a look at a decent selection prior to making your choice.

All about Good Looks

From an aesthetic point of view, a plain metal, brick, or concrete fireplace may not look too visually exciting for some people, and may look somewhat bare and dull. It’s all a matter of taste and what else you put near or around any kind of surround. By looking at surrounds and fireplace prices in Cambridge, you can certainly make the whole fireplace area look much more warm, inviting and engaging to look at, with a fire or not. Popular are:

  • Brick
  • Tile
  • Stone
  • Certain types of wood

And all can be professionally installed to create an amazing surrounding for your fireplace, which can also be decorated with paint, staining, carvings, or other types of ornamentation.

Efficiency and Safety

  • Regarding safety, a gorgeous fireplace surround is of importance as it will provide extra additional layers of safeguarding from fire, and make all fireplaces that much more protection.
  • A tile or brick surround will put a stop to any sparks from escaping and prevent them from entering the wall situated around the fireplace and starting a fire.
  • Also, a built-in surround will extend extra fireproofing insulation about the fireplace, and offset any fires that might begin inside a wall.

Should your fireplace be the central method of heating in your home, the surround will increase the heating efficiency. A lovely roaring fire in the early evening will heat up tiles or stone, and the home will then be slowly heated as the fire then gently burns down.

Simply Making a Huge Difference in Homes Everywhere

Superb looking fireplace surroundings can be expertly installed around a fireplace of any dimension, which allows you to quickly and easily replace for an older one, or maybe even for first time users, a brand new one. A reliable company can also provide different kinds of custom surrounds that can be ordered and then made to the wishes provided by customers.

Anyone wishing to design and build their very own can indeed do so,  but they should first contact local building codes to make certain that their fireplace will be in full compliance of UK safety laws and regulations.

After getting your fireplace surrounding fitted, you’ll be wondering why it took you so long to get one!

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