Why Double-Glazed Windows Are Better

Your home’s level of comfort is essential. It is also crucial that you save on your heating and cooling costs. For this reason, double and triple glazing can benefit the homeowner. When double glazing or triple glazing is used on glass, not only is a home’s interior comfort enhanced, the glazing process also reduces the outside noise.

Windows and Doors that Feature Double and Triple Glazing

You can choose triple or double glazing in timber window products, uPVC windows, or on doors made of timber, uPVC, and composite materials. If you are thinking of getting a double-glazed window replacement, timber sash and casement windows, uPVC casement windows, and sliding sash window frames are offered.

As you can see, you have an excellent selection of window products from which to choose. If you select double-glazed sash windows in Upper Norwood, you will find that this type of replacement window is as functional as it is stylish. When choosing this particular product, you need to familiarise yourself with the glazing process.

Preventing Heat Loss

Any window that is double-glazed is designed mainly to prevent heat loss. Therefore, double glazing is the ideal way to keep a home insulated in the wintertime. Because about 50% of the heat in a home is lost through a single-glazed window, double glazing makes up for this percentage by capturing more of the winter sun’s heat.

In the summer months, double glazing also insulates the home by catching the sun’s rays and lowering the heat that burns through the windows during the day. As a result, energy usage is vastly reduced, which saves the environment and utility costs.

Less Moisture Build-Up and Problems with Mould

Another benefit associated with double glazing is the reduction of condensation – a problem in older homes. Condensation can lead to the formation of mildew and mould. The excess moisture also rots timber frames.

As noted, double glazing reduces the noise level in a home. Therefore, you can enjoy a quieter indoor environment. In fact, when the double glazing is of a high-quality, it can reduce the noise level by as much as 60%. You just cannot get this type of effect from a non-glazed or single-glazed window design.

When you add double-glazed windows, you also increase the resale value of your home. If you want to attract buyer interest, this type of window installation will gain a purchaser’s attention. Further, windows can be retrofitted in older homes.

Additionally, windows that are double-glazed help reduce the fading of upholstery or drapes. UV rays can dull the look of interior fabrics. However, you will not have this problem when the window glass is double-glazed. Also, double glazing prevents crimes. When the windows are double-glazed, criminals have a harder time breaking into a home.

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