Why Ready Mixed Concrete Is Better

Many contractors like to use concrete that is already mixed, as it offers a fast application. This concrete, also referred to as ready mixed concrete or RMC, can be mixed and made ready for use without producing the environmental pollution that is involved in using bagged cement.

Reviewing Some of the Benefits of RMC Applications

Besides these benefits, RMC, concrete and mortar ready mixed in Barking, offers the following advantages:

  • The quality assured product is created under controlled circumstances, using a premium raw material.
  • The reduction of cement use is around 10% when RMC is chosen over an on-site mix.
  • RMC offers versatility with respect to placement.
  • Not as much cement is wasted when using RMC, thereby conserving resources and energy.
  • Both large and small pours can be delivered on time.
  • The need for storage is reduced for aggregate, water, cement, and admixtures.
  • A reduction in noise and pollution is realised, including less petrol or diesel use.
  • The placement of RMC reduces human error.
  • Labour dependency is reduced.
  • Potential site delays are reduced, due to onsite erection and dismantling of a batching plant.
  • There is no need to hire additional equipment, and therefore no depreciation expense.

Complete Your Project on Time and on Budget

In many situations, this form of concrete application can prove to be a huge benefit to a contractor. For any project manager who wants to complete a project on time and on budget, using ready mixed concrete and mortar can be highly helpful. However, because of the large volume of RMC that can be available in a short period, you do need to make preparations regarding its placement in advance.

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